Is Beach Walking a Good Workout?


Are you a fitness enthusiast who believes more in adding natural experience to your fitness regime rather than going to closed gyms that feel like a Glass Box? A beach walk can help you to exercise while also lifting up your mental health. It is also a relaxing and refreshing activity that is easy on your routine. But do you still have doubt in mind whether beach walks make up a good workout? Let’s dig into the exercise benefits of beach walking.

Why is Beach Walking a Good Workout?

Looking to add beach walking to your morning or evening routine? Here are some great reasons to go for beach walks:

1. The Sand Adds Resistance for a Better Calorie Burn.

Beach walks on soft sand require more effort than walking on a hard, flat sidewalk or road. With each step, your foot sinks into the sand, and you have to engage your muscles more to propel forward. Studies show you can burn up to 50% more calories walking on sand compared to a treadmill. So beach walks definitely burn more calories than an average stroll around the neighbourhood.

2. Beach Walks Strengthens Muscles in Your Legs and Glutes

The added resistance of the sand puts your leg and gluteal muscles to work. Pushing through the soft surface over distance strengthens and sculpts your lower body. Your core also has to engage to stabilize with each sinking step. So you get a great muscle workout, especially in your legs and booty.

3. It’s Easier on Your Joints Than Concrete

While beach walks engage your muscles more, it’s low-impact and easier on your joints than pounding the pavement. The soft sand cushions your joints and reduces injury risk. It’s a joint-friendly cardio option that you can practice regularly.

4. Barefoot Walking Activates Your Feet

Walking barefoot on the sand provides foot and ankle strengthening benefits. Gripping the sand engages all those small stabilizing muscles. So kick off your shoes for an added workout boost.

5. Seaside Air Provides an Energizing Effect

The fresh ocean breeze and beautiful scenery make beach walks feel less strenuous than other cardio. The seaside setting offers a mental boost that energizes your workout. This is also a better option for your mental health.

6. Enjoy the Scenic Beauty

Beach walks can be ultimate fun and exciting, giving you scenic views of the shore and the ocean along with the city line. This can be a calming experience to soothe your body and mind every morning or evening while you go for a beach walk. There could be no better motivation than this to go for beach walks regularly.

Is there any Downside?

While these are some of the best benefits listed on the blog, one potential downside is that beach sand can create more drag on your legs over long distances. So, you may not be able to walk as far or as fast as you can on concrete. To solve this challenge, you can consider mixing up surfaces to optimize pace and distance.

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