Air Fryer Revolution: Hype or Healthy Hero?

Air Fryer Revolution: Hype or Healthy Hero?

Having an air fryer in your house has made cooking somewhat easier. Ever since it came out, a bunch of people have bought one for themselves, especially those who live alone. Cooking with an air fryer will give you fried-like results with minimal oil, which would be perfect for people who can’t have too much oil in their meals. However, do you think that the air fryer got too much hype? And does it deserve a place in your kitchen?

We’re going to explain to you how they work, as well as the benefits and disadvantages of the appliance and whether it lives up to what people call “healthy frying.”. 

How does an air fryer work?

Firstly, they’re nothing like the deep fryers that we see in fast food restaurants. Those need to be submerged in hot oil for the food to cook. Air fryers make use of rapid air circulation. There’s a heating element that generates hot air, and a powerful fan moves around within the appliance. The hot air cooks the food from all sides, which creates a crispy outer layer that’s similar to deep frying, but less oil is used. 

Benefits of Air Frying:

  • Reduced Oil Consumption: With the ability to use less oil, this becomes the item’s best selling point. This means that the calories are fewer, which makes the fried food potentially healthier.
  • Versatility: Not only can they fry foods, but they can also roast, bake, and reheat leftovers, which makes them very versatile. Using the air fryer lets you prepare meals quickly. 
  • Faster Cooking Times: The air fryers can preheat quickly and tend to cook food faster than traditional ovens, which makes them perfect when you have a busy week ahead. 
  • Safer: This is a big thing, especially if you don’t want to be splashed by hot oil anymore. Because of their enclosed design, they’re generally safer to use, which means no more hot oil injuries.
  • Easier Cleanup: The non-stick baskets that most air fryers have are dishwasher-safe, which makes them easy to clean. 

Disadvantages of Air Fryers:

  • Limited Capacity: If we compare them to ovens, the air fryers have a smaller cooking capacity. This isn’t ideal to have in a house with large families or if you’re cooking in batches. 
  • Not Truly “Fry-Free”: It was mentioned that the air fryers use less oil; however, if you want to achieve a certain level of crispiness, some oil is still needed. So, don’t get an air fryer if you’re looking for something completely oil-free. 
  • Can Be Noisy: The air fryer’s fan can be powerful which can be the cause for being noisy. If this concerns you, or somewhat concerns you, reconsider getting one. 
  • Limited Browning: Since air fryers can achieve a crispy outer layer, it doesn’t come close to the deep golden brown color that can be achieved with deep-frying. 

 Is air frying truly healthy?

It is an alternative to deep-frying, but it’s also important not to expect too much. Even if they use oil, air-fried food will still contain some oil and calories. Studies have been made that air-frying can create acrylamid which can potentially be harmful during high-heat cooking.  Air frying does offer a healthier alternative to deep-frying. 

A healthy way to use the air fryer is to choose the right ingredients and use minimal oil. We suggest getting proteins like chicken breast or fish and making use of cooking sprays or lightly coating the oil to achieve the crispy level you want. 

Who Should Consider an Air Fryer?

  • Those Seeking Healthier Fried Alternatives: Get an air fryer if you’re someone who enjoys eating fried meals, but wants to cut down on the oil intake. 
  • Busy Cooks: If you have too much on your plate, having an air fryer will make things easier for you because it cooks your meals faster, and can be used for reheating leftovers, and baking.
  • Apartment Dwellers: Because of their small size, this is ideal to have in an apartment or with limited space on the counter. 
  • Snack Enthusiasts: Get an air fryer if you want to have snacks like french fries. 

Is It Overhyped Or Should You Still Get One?

Even though it’s not 100% healthy eating, having one can be valuable to have. Its ability to make your meals crispy with the use of minimal oil makes it a healthier alternative to deep-frying. But, if you’re on a diet, use the air fryer wisely and be mindful of the portion sizes. Buy an air fryer if you’re looking for another way to create a healthy version of your favorite fried foods. 

It’s best if you do some research, consider the budget that you have, and see if an air fryer fits your needs. In conclusion, it’s all up to you if you need one.

If you’re starting to consider getting one, check out what Slingo has to say about specific brands of air fryers.

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