Which block is best in Park View City Islamabad?

block is best in Park View City Islamabad


If you’re looking for a new place to call home in Islamabad, go no farther than Park View City Islamabad. More and more people in Islamabad and Rawalpindi are choosing to make Park View City their permanent residence. In order to ensure that the housing complex can continue to house people in the future, it has been fully equipped with all necessary amenities. The need for vibrant, colorful residential surroundings is driving development along Park Road, which is why the neighborhood is so well suited to family life.

Park View City is expanding in the scenic area of Zone IV Islamabad with the building of new homes, roads, and community infrastructure. Park View City is one of the hottest real estate markets right now because of its attractive residential blocks, excellent accessibility, and numerous connector roads. The project is designed to international standards and located within a few kilometers from the heart of Islamabad.

Master Plan for Park View City

Park View City Islamabad is owned and developed by Vision Group, who have created an excellent master plan for this residential community. The master plan for Park View City Islamabad features a mix of business and residential buildings. In addition, these buildings feature residential and commercial parts on separately sized plots.

A and B Block

The original entrance to the society is on Malot Road, also know as Park View Malot Road. where Blocks A and B may be found. Before the new entrance from Jinnah Avenue was built, this gate served as Park View City’s primary entrance. The more developed sections are Blocks A and B, where homeowners have taken ownership. The entrance on Malot road was the first part of the housing complex to be built because it provided the only means of entering the complex before its expansion. These two lots are ideal if you’re in the market for a new home or ready to start building right away.

Block C

Block C of Park View City is the building directly in front of Block B on M-2 Road.  Block C is located on a 40-foot-wide road and features residential lots with homes of 10 marla, 12 marla, and 1 kanal. Housing options include flats, business spaces measuring 5 marla each, and a mosque. Block C is currently in possession, making it the optimal choice for homebuyers and movers once again. 

Block D

Among the sections of Park View City that are complete and ready for purchase is Section D. The neighbourhood is bordered by a boulevard that is 80 feet wide and is surrounded by trees and spacious lots. The block, which features two-kanal plots, is ideal for individuals who seek a lavish lifestyle in a picturesque community.

Block E

Place Named Park View Block E of this development is one of the sections that stands out for its plethora of scenic features. The National Zoo-cum Park and Botanical Garden is a short walk from the 1 Kanal flat in Block E of Park View City. Block E lies in the centre of the housing complex and is easily accessible from both Gate 1 and Gate 2. 

Block F

Plots in Park View City Block F are available in either 5 Marla or 10 Marla increments. If you’re looking for a cheap spot to build a house, go no farther than Block F. According to the Park View City layout, Block F may be reached through Road M-3. Every road in Block F is 50 feet wide, and there is plenty of room for parks and other leisure facilities.  

A and J Blocks

Houses in Blocks H and J of Park View City are 5 Marla or 10 Marla in size, although 1 Kanal plots are available but are in short supply. These two city blocks in Park View City are ideally located close to both the commercial district and the city’s picturesque lake. Parks and other green spaces are conveniently located in these neighborhoods, which may be reached from a number of different roadways. Smaller residential units in a desirable location can be purchased in Park View City’s Block H and Block J on an installment plan.

Final Talk

Plot Prices in Park View City, Islamabad are updated every day on Daily Updated Plot Prices.

As a result of its convenient location, attractive master plan, and rapid rate of growth, Park View City Islamabad is currently the most sought-after housing project in the area. Those looking to buy and move in soon should consider the previously developed and sold blocks A, B, C, and D. Blocks E through H are still available for purchase on a phased basis while construction is ongoing.

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