Uncovering the Secrets and Easter Eggs of Mr Game and Watch Moveset

mr game and watch

Are you a fan of Super Smash Bros? If so, then you must be familiar with Game and Watch! This mysterious character has been a part of the game for years, but many players still don’t know much about him. Did you know that there are secret moves and easter eggs hidden within Mr Game and Watch movies? In this blog post, we will uncover the secrets behind his unique move set and show you how to use them effectively in battles. Get ready to take your gameplay to the next level as we explore the world of Game and Watch!

Who is Mr Game and Watch?

Mr Game and Watch is a character that has been part of the Super Smash Bros series since its inception. He first appeared in the game “Game & Watch,” which was released by Nintendo in 1980. The original game featured a series of simple LCD games, each with their unique gameplay mechanics.

The character Game and Watch is based on these simplistic games, which were popular in the early days of video gaming. In Super Smash Bros, he is portrayed as a two-dimensional figure with limited animation but has some unusual abilities.

Despite his initial appearance being somewhat unremarkable, Game and Watch has become one of the most iconic characters in all of gaming history.

The Moveset of Mr Game and Watch

Game and Watch, a character from the Nintendo universe, has a unique move set that sets him apart from other fighters in Super Smash Bros. His attacks are based on classic games like Oil Panic and Fire Attack.

His Neutral Special move is Chef, where he throws food at his opponents. This attack can be used to deal damage or heal himself. His Side Special move is Judge, where he randomly hits an opponent with a hammer for different levels of damage.

Up Special move is Fire, where Game and Watch launch himself into the air while creating fire underneath him. This attack does good knockback against enemies as well as recovery capabilities.

Down Special Move is Oil Panic which act just like it did in its original game but now only stores energy-based projectile attacks such as Fox’s Blaster or Samus’ Charge Shot rather than all projectiles.

His Final Smash is Octopus which summons an octopus to trap his foes before blasting them offstage with laser beams!

How to Use Mr Game and Watch’s Moveset

Game and Watch is known for his unique set of moves that can be confusing to use. However, mastering his moveset can make him a formidable opponent in Super Smash Bros.

Firstly, Game and Watch’s neutral special move involves throwing a frying pan at the opponent which reflects projectiles. It can also deal damage when hit directly.

Secondly, his down special move allows him to bury opponents underground while dealing heavy damage. This move requires precise timing but can be useful in edge-guarding situations.

Thirdly, Game and Watch’s side smash attack has a long reach and deals high knockback making it great for finishing off opponents on the edge of the stage.

His up aerial attack hits multiple times making it an effective juggling tool against opponents who are trying to recover back onto the stage.

Becoming proficient with Game and Watch’s move set takes time but once mastered he becomes one of the most versatile characters in Super Smash Bros.

Easter Eggs in Mr Game and Watch Moveset

Game and Watch is a unique character in the Super Smash Bros. franchise, not only because he represents classic video gaming, but also because his move set incorporates several Easter eggs that reference different games from Nintendo’s history.

One of these Easter eggs is found when using Game and Watch’s up smash attack. When performing this move, a key appears above his head, which references the game “Oil Panic” where players had to catch drops of oil with a bucket before they hit the ground.

Another Easter egg can be seen when using Mr Game neutral air attack. During this move, he spins around while holding out two torches that resemble those used in the original “Fire Attack” game released on Nintendo’s handheld systems.

Additionally, one of Game and Watch’s taunts features him ringing an alarm bell three times. This references another classic arcade game called “Fire” where players had to extinguish fires by moving ladders toward them before it was too late.

These little nods to past games add an extra layer of charm to playing as Mr Game and Watch. It shows how much care went into designing his character for fans who have been following Nintendo since its early days. Read more…


Mr Game and Watch is a unique character in the Super Smash Bros. series with a moveset that includes some amazing Easter eggs and secrets. From his iconic hammer to his oil panic move, he has something for every player to master.

While his moves may seem unpredictable at first, taking the time to understand them can lead to some impressive combos and KO’s. So next time you’re playing Super Smash Bros., consider giving Game and Watch a try.

Whether you’re looking for a challenge or just want to show off your skills, mastering Game and Watch’s moveset is sure to impress your friends and fellow players alike.

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