All You Need To Know About Concerts

All You Need To Know About Concerts

Attending concerts will always be fun as this will be the chance that you will see your idol just singing or dancing in front of you. This can be a magical experience but can be easily ruined if you don’t know the actual thing that will happen to these venues especially since there are tiers and everything that you need to consider. Not only that, you will also be concerned about transportation, especially if you will go to another country to watch a concert. There can also be times when you go to a concert by an artist that you don’t know because you just got a ticket from a friend or family. All of these concert scenarios and more on the following sections of this article, but first what are the types of concerts that you might like especially if you’re going there for the first time?

Different Types of Concerts

Concerts will always come in many forms and sizes, each with its own distinct experience for music fans. There is a concert for everyone’s taste, from tiny intimate events to enormous stadium performances. This can be compared by size and fame but for the person who will watch it, it will all be the same whether they are VIP or general admission. Here are the genres that you might belong to:

  • Rock concerts became a popular style of concert forever because of all the rock legends that just go all out on stage. These high-energy concerts showcase legendary bands and singers performing their songs live on stage while fans yell along with every word just like at The Beatles concert on A rock concert has an energetic atmosphere, full of energy and headbanging. Not only this but there are also times when these bands do stunts like crowd surfing which is a fun experience.
  • Acoustic concerts are ideal for individuals who want a more relaxed atmosphere. This can easily ease the stress that you’ve been feeling for some time. Singer-songwriters’ stripped-down renditions of songs provide an intimate environment where emotions run high and lyrics take center stage. It’s ideal for individuals who want to engage with music on a deeper level. When it comes to the crowd they tend to just put their hands in the air if they want to just sway to the rhythm of the music that they’re hearing
  • This one can be similar to the crowd of rock music as everyone can certainly go wild with all the beats clamoring through everyone’s ear. These concerts featuring electronic dance music (EDM) have grown in prominence in recent years. This is commonly produced by DJs where they mix a series of songs or enhance the quality of it by adding multiple types of beats, percussions, snares, and many more. This can produce music that everyone can go crazy for. This can be related to those songs played in bars but in a massive scale crowd and also larger venues and equipment is used to enhance the experience
  • When it comes to Classical music people, they may attend orchestral performances to see brilliant players perform symphonies or pieces by great composers such as Mozart or Beethoven. Not only this, some even perform musicals that have acting too that can make you feel like you’re watching a movie with melodies and lyrics of the song as the dialogue.  This also gives a sophisticated atmosphere which makes these events radiate elegance and class.
  • Fans of country music travel to country concerts to hear twangy guitars, heartbreaking ballads about love and sorrow, and catchy tunes that make you want to stamp your feet to the beat. These performances frequently have rustic themes that highlight the allure of country living.
  • This is like EDM but with a fast-paced beat accompanied by lyrics. Rap artists execute their lyrics fluently while engaging the audience with call-and-response chants and strong stage presence during hip-hop events. Attendees should expect a lot of excitement, colorful clothing, and strong live lyrics. Some of them signify their power, while some write for advocacies, while others just want to be relatable.
  • Pop Music, may it be in another country, is for those who have these idols that are in the form of a group or just solo. There are many known pop artists in the world and they can also book big venues that are filled with their fans all over the world.

Concert Experience

With all these genres listed above, you won’t be wrong if you just want to spend money to watch a concert, but it can be a problem if you don’t know what you’ll be doing there. So these can be  the factors that you can consider when going to concerts 

  • Ticket – this is the most important one because how can you enter a concert without this? (there might be free ones but you still need tickets). This can sometimes be hard to get, especially if all the people in your town, country, continent, or even the world are aiming to watch that specific concert. People normally go to ticketing stations or just go to sites where the tickets are available. Always prepare yourself, your budget, your internet connection, your devices, and everything that is related to buying concert tickets.
  • Seats – When it comes to the seats, you should always check your budget because all of these vary on how near you are from the stage. There are also instances where there are spots for people who are standing while watching the concert. This is commonly at the front of the stage or barricade. EDM concerts are often watched with everyone standing up so that they can dance to the music while classical tends to have all of the attendees seated so that they can feel the sophistication of each instrument playing in the orchestra. Another thing is that seated concerts are sometimes reserved seating where you can choose where you want to sit even though you’re not in the venue yet, and there are free seating where you can freely choose a seat but you need to be there to pick and be early so that you can choose the best spot. Standing is like that too but queues are often implemented so that it can still be divided into tiers.
  • Experience – this is the state of what you’ll expect in a concert. When it comes to standing concerts, it is normal to feel that your feet will hurt as you will stand or walk for hours and there might be a stampede especially when the crowd goes wild. This is a common scenario in rock, rap, and pop concerts because the beat will always unleash wild behavior and sometimes, people want to get near the stage, even if it makes them push someone. Seated concerts are usually calm except when people decide to stand which is rude especially if you’re just the one standing and you’re blocking the view of the one behind you.


Concerts are fun especially if you want to attend one and it can be considered as one of the greatest gifts that you can give to someone or even to yourself. Knowing these concert experiences, etiquettes, and genres. You can now surely decide what concert you want to attend.

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